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About us

Our team works on the raw materials market since 2008. During this time, our partners are such companies as JSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", OJSC "Tatneft", JSC "Ufaorgsintez", JSC "TAIF - NK", OJSC "Kazanorgsintez", OJSC "Gazprom", etc.

In recent years we have realized hundreds of thousands of tons of petroleum products, including fuels and lubricants, various categories of synthetic polymers, rubbers and chemical additives for various industries domestic and foreign industry. During this time our team gained a huge experience of interaction with various groups the business community.

Because of this, we experienced a number of challenges, which gave us the modern world. And one of them is associated with the ecology and pollution of the environment. And one of the main sources of environmental pollution are synthetic polymers and chemical additives. A second important issue is how the depletion of oil reserves and the environmental pollution have already extracted oil and oil products.

The third problem that faced us in recent years is the substitution of imported supplies of raw materials, supplies Russian-made. And that the number of calls has not been exhausted, in front of us every day new challenges, the solution of which deals with our different specialized team consisting of experienced leaders with an innovative vision of marketing feeling pain modern society of technologists with the ability to find modern solutions to arising challenges, from sellers with product knowledge and customer needs, and most importantly, from ordinary employees production and office.

One of the main challenges for the coming decades, we chose to make every effort to replace petroleum products organic raw materials and transition to the production of biodegradable materials. For this our team of managers, marketers and technologists have been actively studied these problems. Understand the existing problems, they were projected for the future.

On their basis was studied existing technologies and developed new ones. During this time our team developed a number of products and secured a number of patents that meet modern environmental challenges. One of the developments of our team, is a modified starch which differs as environmental friendliness of the process and as raw material for the production of organic products.

Our modified starch has passed all laboratory tests and certification. Following our development is resin Amelin, which is a modifier formaldehyde resin. With the addition of the Amelin resin, formaldehyde resin becomes a class environmental performance is much higher.

And produced on its basis products of woodworking industry, are beginning to conform to international environmental standards, thereby expanding export potential of the products.Responding to the challenges of import substitution, we have developed a product like aluminum hydroxide, which has no domestic analogues of such high quality. And properties can completely replace the imported analogues of this product.

Of course what we have done and are doing, it would be impossible to do without such quality as customer focus. Only in close connection with the consumers of our products, you can improve quality, reduce cost and improve service of our products

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